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Meet Matt

Hometown: Perrysburg, OH
Favorite Lure: Zman Streakz, Zoom Flukes, Roboworm 
Favorite Technique: Drop Shot
Favorite Lake: Lake Erie 

I have loved fishing as far back as I can remember. There was a little pond near my home where as a child I would spend my days.   As I got older I got quite competitive and went in a different direction to satisfy my competitive needs. I started racing motorcross in my mid 20's and kept at it until my early 30's. That is until a crash tore up my knee and I could no longer kick start my bike. 

That's when I decided to take up fishing as a hobby.  My father in law & I would go all over northwest Ohio & southeast Michigan.  All inland lakes at that point and I loved it!  On one of our many trips we met some guys from a small club who had just finished their tournament.  They invited us to join them at their next tournament and needless to say the competitiveness was back!  We fished that tournament out of Sandusky Bay.  It was the first time I had fished Lake Erie waters.  We had a great day on the water and finished 5th place.  That was it for me!  I knew I needed to join this club. 

I loved fishing with this club and the following season we won the series.  I started fishing the BFL Michigan division as an angler.    I fished that division for four seasons startind in 2008 and absolutely love fishing Lake Erie.  It is such an awesome small mouth & large mouth fishery!  I had to take a break from tournament fishing in 2012, my son graduated high school, my brother got married, and had 2 other family weddings that year.  I had to do the family thing.  I decided that year that I would fish the 2013 BASS Northern Open out of Sandusky Bay.  So instead of signing up for the BFL's I spent the season getting prepared for that tournament.   I told myself that how I finished in that tournament would decide if I would move on to try bigger tournaments or just stay at the level I was at already.  I finished 28th out of 118 pros.  My dream was to secure a position to fish at the Elite level.  My 4th place finish in the Northern Open Series in 2015 is a dream come true!  I am still in awe of the whole experience.  I am looking forward to hitting the road in 2016.   With the support of my wife, my family and my friends I look forward to this experience and I hope you will follow me and my journey!! 


2015 BASS Northern Open Series  4th place

2015 FLW Rayovac Sandusky Bay  5th place

2015 BASS Northern Open James River 10th place

2014 BFL Michigan Division Angler of the Year

2013 BASS Northern Open Sandusky Bay 28th place

2011 BFL Michigan Division ranked 7th in the division , with a 6th place finish at Lake St Clair & a 7th place finish at Grand River

2010 BFL Michigan Divistion ranked 5th in the division, with a 7th place finish on Detroit River

2009 BFL Michigan Division, cashed my first check in this series,  22lbs 15 oz earned 17th place on Burt Mullet