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St Johns River Elite Series 2016

Posted by matt on March 22, 2016

st johns river day two.jpgst johns river day one weigh in.jpg

The first tournament is here and gone.  It didn't go as well as I had hoped, but I learned a lot of valuable information and will be much more prepared for a southern event like this one next time.  Hopefully the first tournament jitters are gone and I can focus on fishing!  I will definitely have a smile on my face at the next weigh in!!  haha!!  Doesn't that look say Man, I should have shaved!!   I am home now, getting prepared for Winyah Bay.  I am not going to lie, the struggle of coming up with the funds for this adventure is weighing heavy on my mind.  I am so thankful to the sponsors that I do have and am willing to work my butt off to help them succeed!  If they succeed then I in turn succeed.  I know I wasn't on social media much during the tournament, but please know your support and well wishes were so helpful to me!  Exactly what I needed to keep me going!